Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Standing at a Crossroads! By "BOSS Influencer" Dr. Jacquie Hood Martin

Some days I wake and reflect. Similar to a fairy tale beginning with ‘once upon a time.’ I recognize that there are always going to be challenges in life, obstacles to overcome, or naysayers to move out of our way. These are the greatest teachers of life lessons. One of the best ways to move past your mountain is to stand on God's word and tell it to move. Many find it difficult to comprehend how faith plays a vital part in our relationships both personal and professional.
Today you may be like me, standing at a crossroads. The intersection in life where making choices are not as simple as it used to be. As we grow in life and business the options on the table come with greater consequences, and being able to choose requires wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. The decisions not only impact you the individual, but others in your family or circle of influence. 
When you sit down over the next few days to weigh your options, consider how prayer, planning, and preparation have the ability to change you from the inside out. It’s when we take the time to map out what we are facing, that we are able to bring clarity to the forefront. And, the biggest chunk of clarity is to ask how ‘I’ fit into the decision-making equation. And, when I understand me ... things around me start to be seen much clearer. This process will help you -
1. Lead in your lane 
2. Lead in your life
3. Lead to leave your legacy
Focusing on these areas in your decision making strategy will keep you from being swayed by the seemingly brilliant, yet fruitless business development concepts that tie up your time, talent, and treasure. On this journey we must keep our eyes open to all manner of schemes.
I always pause to ask God to let me 'see'. I want to see with His insight and hindsight. Aren't you tired of others benefiting from your blindness? I sure was!
It’s time to discover your worth and embrace your God-given creativity and power. Let God show you how to sustain yourself with the abilities in which He has endowed you; to provide a life for you and your family. You can effectively manage your crossroad when you are willing to put in the work to make it so. Together, let’s work!

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Monday, April 23, 2018

Don't Drink the Poison - It Never Works! By "BOSS Influencer" Tana Session

"Holding on to a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die"  - Unknown

Have you ever wondered why some people in our lives tend to hold on to grudges? I most certainly have. I think some people just need something to "do" and something to vent to friends and family about, while not discussing it directly with the person they are holding a grudge against. How unhealthy is that? It is such a waste of time and prevents you from receiving the blessings the universe has waiting for you. When you're busy holding on to grudges, your hands are not free and open to receiving blessings. Why let people live for FREE in your head and heart space? Just know your career, business, relationships and finances will suffer as a result of this blockage - and this is a PRIME example of an internal blockage. Bad energy scares success and money away!

I recently experienced this scenario in my own life. Here I am minding my business, living my best life, and focusing on building my business and servicing my clients, and BOOM! I find out someone close to me has been holding on to a couple of grudges for 2 - 3 years!! What a waste of their time and happiness!! After FINALLY sharing with me the feelings they had been holding on to for so long, I was not only shocked, but also felt an extreme amount of sadness for this person. I didn't know what she wanted me to do with that energy after she decided to release it, so all I could do was express how sorry I am she didn't feel she could have come to me sooner, especially since we communicate on a fairly regular basis. I also expressed my continued love for her and wished her only the best. I think my reaction was not what she expected, and she left the conversation saying it was "water under the bridge". But how can that be?? At this late juncture, if it truly was, she would not have held on to those feelings for 2+ years and THEN decide to bring it up. Am I right...or am I right? I truly hope she feels better now that she has {hopefully} truly let those feelings go. She is FREE!!! And I will continue to live my best life!

The key takeaway here is communication is so very important. If you find yourself in this situation, give yourself some time to calm down (NOT YEARS) and then pick up the phone or meet for coffee/lunch, and have a true heart-to-heart conversation!! You will find most people do not purposely set out to hurt people - at least that's what I need to believe about mankind. Misunderstandings, miscommunication, lack of communication, assumptions and presumptions have ruined too many relationships, partnerships, careers, businesses and marriages...in most cases, unnecessarily.

As we enter Spring 2018, now is a good time to do some Spring cleaning of your heart space and emotional space. Are there grudges you have been holding on to? Please do yourself a favor and give yourself permission to get over it! Truly forgive and move on and be ready for the blessings that will rain down on you once that blockage has been cleared. I know this may be easier said than done in some cases, but stop drinking the poison…it never works out in your favor.

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Friday, April 20, 2018

Get Out of Your Own Way! By "BOSS Influencer" Tammy P. Moore

Have you ever been so determined to do something one minute and then talked yourself out of it the next? For example, I want to lose weight and get healthy…why bother obesity runs in my family? If your answer is yes, you my friend are your own stumbling block and it’s time to get out of your own way!  
Just do it!
Yes, Nike coined this phrase, but it doesn’t just apply to shoes and sports.  What vision has God given you that you’ve been sitting on and afraid to take the next steps because you’re afraid of failure?  I’ve heard many people say what would you do If you knew you would not fail? Well, Do it anyway. If you fail, you will learn something from it and be better for it! Go get your blessing!
Know your gifts!
I’m reading T. D. Jakes book Soar and in it he mentions your God given gifts have been there since birth! Think about what you liked to do as a child and that will tell you a lot about what you were born to do as an adult.  If you pursue your passions, you will find your purpose!
Tap into your Resources!
Many of us miss out because we don’t tap into the resources available to us.  Look at your inner circle, friends or associations. Everyone should have something to contribute.  If not, you’re in the wrong circle. Iron Sharpens Iron! Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help from an expert too!
Change your mindset from Can’t do to Can do!
If you want to go to the next level (become debt free, start a business, get fit or healthy or become a homeowner). You will need to change some things! It takes 21 days to change and old habit, don’t give up so easy, keep pushing until you reach your goals! Yes, you can do it, just put your mind to it!

Tammy Moore is Division President at Diamond Residential Mortgage, A motivational speaker and Credit and Financial Coach.  In her spare time, she is the Budget Conscious Fashionista, where she teaches Style $ense: How style your outfits on a budget without breaking the bank!

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